Here we will present some answers to common questions. Note, this does not constitute legal advice and we can’t recommend French lawyers (it’s complicated !)

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1. What happens at the end of a French lease ?

Watch this short video to get an overview of what happens at the end of a French lease on a Résidence de Tourisme (a ‘bail commercial‘).

This video was made by French legal company 1862 Legal


2. I want to sell my leaseback, does the tenant have an option on buying it ?

According to the official French government site (and you can read more there), if  you are planning to sell your leaseback property you must inform the tenant, and he has a right of first option to buy it. You must inform him of the price and selling conditions.

This right is enshrined in the French Commercial Code Code de commerce : article L145-46-1 . It appears to date from 2014.

3. What law governs the lease on my French leaseback property ?

The French Commercial Code contains a large part of the law governing how French leaseback properties in Residence de Tourisme. You can find a free translation here.


4. What is the responsibility of the French banks in providing mortgages for French leaseback properties that subsequently are not worth the purchase price ?

Many owners feel that the French banks played a role in ‘over in-debting‘ consumers in the mortgaging of French leaseback properties. Can the owner take an action against the French bank.

See what one French lawyer has to say regarding professional negligence, you can read more on his website :

It is case law that, prior to loan, the bank must warn the borrower regarding its financial capacity and about the risks of debt resulting from the loan.


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