European Commission furthers kafkaesque treatment of EU citizens

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EC Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, responded to a parliamentary question posed by Irish MEP Clare Daly on the action to be taken to provide justice for those abused in the purchase of French leaseback properties. Commissioner Reyners’ reply suggests that the European Commission have forgotten just who they represent! The unwillingness for the EC […]

DGCCRF criminal investigation is complete

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Purchasers of French leaseback properties who submitted consumer complaints to the CCPC alleging mis-selling have received confirmation from the CCPC that the DGCCRF (French consumer national authority) criminal investigation is now complete. This process started in 2017 and is welcome news. Their report will be handed over to the French public prosecutor who will decide […]

French Leaseback Owners Survey

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We would like to build a clearer picture of exactly who the key players were in the sale of problematic French leaseback properties. To do this we’re asking people to complete a very short survey telling us who was involved in your original leaseback purchase. By creating a profile of the various parties involved, we […]