Paul Devaux on Rent Reduction

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There is a pattern of behaviour whereby operators of French leaseback properties pressure owners to sign a lease amendment taking a rent reduction. For me, it is too late. But for you, think about what this may mean. Are you effectively halving the value of your property ? By cutting the yield in half you […]

Organise Owners in Residence du Tourisme

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There is an umbrella group in France to represent owners groups from French Leaseback owners called Fédération Nationale des Propriétaires de Résidences de Tourisme. The group have been active in supporting owners organisations. The Association of Tourist homeowners was created by FNAPRT to house owners that have no association in the tourist residence where they own property. […]

Leaseback Rules on 70% Changed

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One of the restrictions with French Leaseback status on a site has been that the development must have at least 70% of the properties in a lease to retain the French government ‘leaseback status”. If my French serves me, it seems  that this has changed in Mar 2015 and has been reduced to 55%. However, there […]

Talking up French Leaseback !

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Really? A recent article in the Indo on 5 Alternative Ways to Invest your Savings suggests that we could look at buying a French Leaseback. One contributor from a prestige investments company admits that French banks have been ruthless with indebted Irish investors,  but believes that leaseback is an investment that can represent good value in […]

Diarmaid Condon on French Leasebacks

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Have you seen Diarmaid Condon’s blog ? Sadly, I came to it too late, after I had already signed a second lease. That was the second mistake I made (the first was signing the first lease !). Diarmaid has been writing on property for a number of years and  is up to speed on the […]