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A TV production company called Cornelia Street are planning a documentary for RTE 1 (Irish national TV broadcaster) called ‘Burnt by the Sun’ due to air this autumn.

This is a fantastic opportunity to bring this issue to the fore and provide for some serious pressure on the consumer protection authorities, in particular the EU Commission and the French authorities.

We had a very promising meeting with the researcher, Oda O’Carroll and the producer. While the production company is based in London, they are both Irish and are well-experienced. They would like to talk to owners with a story to tell and would like to hear from anyone prepared to contribute to the program, ideally to be filmed, but not necessarily.

Since the program is for an RTE audience, they are interested in Irish owners, or owners based in Ireland.

I think this is an chance that should not be missed and I do hope owners get in touch with Oda. While I understand that many owners are reluctant to be in the public eye, we do think it’s in everyone’s interest that the scams and abuses that owners have experienced are documented publicly.

See attached for more information.

Burnt by the Sun Info

You can contact Oda at

5 thoughts on “TV Production for RTE

  1. All compliants in France lose their lawsuits. They are dismissed by the judges complicit with the French STATE of the spoliation of European citizens. What is Europe doing?

  2. I strongly agree that we need to shade light on these scams and abuses because for some people it has created more than financial distress .

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