MEP Elections

We would like to express our gratitude to Brian Hayes MEP, and also to his team, who supported our campaign. Brian engaged with the CCPC and European Commission on our behalf and helped drive the consumer cross-border complaint resolution process that is currently in train. Now Brian is leaving politics after a long and fruitful career, and we would like to wish him well in his future endeavours.

We are confident that Mairead McGuinness MEP will take up the mantle from an Irish perspective if she is re-elected to the European Parliament in the upcoming elections on 24th May. Mairead is currently the First Vice-President of the European Parliament. We have been in touch with Mairead and she has responded positively. Mairead is running in the Midlands-North-West constituency.

To all owners we would like to remind you that the forthcoming elections present owners with an opportunity to bring this issue to the attention of their own preferred MEP candidates, and we strongly recommend that you avail of this opportunity.

Similarly in the UKDaniel Dalton MEP has supported owners. In his most recent update he said:

“As of their most recent update in early 2019 the DGCCRF have confirmed they are continuing their investigation, but have not given a definitive timescale to when this will be concluded. 

For as long as I am a Member of the European Parliament I will continue to follow any progress in this matter, and will continue to stress the urgency with which these cases should be looked at, and understand the frustrations of the many affected persons with the speed of the DGCCRF investigation.   

In the meantime, if they have not already done so previously, I advise that affected UK citizens send their complaint to the CMA in the UK: “

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