How Irish owners can submit their complaint to CCPC

Update:  30th August 2017

The CCPC have extended the closing date for receiving complaints to Fri 1st September. They are requesting that all complaints are submitted on the template that they have provided. See below:

2017 08 04 French Leaseback complainant form

I suggest that owners who wish to complain to other member state national consumer bodies can use this as a basis for their own.


Update:  20th June 2017

Please find a template that you can use for submitting complaints to the CCPC, or indeed any other member state national consumer body:

20170615 CCPC Template

The CCPC (Competition and Consumer Protection Commission) have requested that Irish citizens make their complaints to info@ccpc.ie.

In this way the complaint will be logged correctly.

We hope to have a template for submission available here for Irish owners shortly. Until then the CCPC have advised that the following content would be helpful to them:

1.  Information from the leaseback property owner that establishes his/her status as a ‘consumer’ (defined in consumer legislation as a natural person acting outside the scope of their trade, business or profession)

2.  A clear timeline of the events – that is the journey from how the leaseback property owner became aware/involved with the purchase to the date of submission (including key dates)

3.  Names and details for all individuals involved in the journey from start to end including location (address) and in the case of corporate entities, if they are still in operation

4.  Copies of the documentation from the start of the journey to the date of submission which could cover:

  • Advertising material
  • Screenshots from websites
  • Brochures on the investment
  • The arranging of the investment – application forms, correspondence etc.
  • Any financing applications/correspondences
  • The contract to purchase the property
  • The contract agreeing to lease the property under leaseback if not included in the original contract to purchase
  • Copies of all leases signed
  • Correspondence with the operators and the lease tenants
  • Any correspondence renegotiating leases/termsDetails of any legal actions taken in Ireland/France – date of action, type/purpose of action and any judgments received

5.  A summary of how the leaseback property owners feel their consumer rights may have been breached

6.  A summary of the main areas of concern for the leaseback property owners and what they wish to achieve in terms of the issues they raise

Consumer Helpline

The Consumer Helpline is available at lo-call 1890 432 432 or 01 402 5555 (opening hours are from 9:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday)

and the postal address is:

Post: Bloom House, PO Box 12585, Railway Street, Dublin 1

For more detail go to their website.

11 thoughts on “How Irish owners can submit their complaint to CCPC

  1. Almost all of the documents we received to do with purchase procedures and in continuation ever since have been in French.
    English translations have been very scarce and all documentation has had an aspect of shoddiness to it.
    In hindsight, we realise that we should not have accepted this and in fact , did not fully realise what we were signing up to.
    We were never told at any stage, that the leaseback agreement continued beyond nine years!

    1. Patrick and Ann,
      One of the EU Consumer laws clearly states that purchasers outside of France are entitled to all contracts to be sent in English. You can highlight that in your submission. Noel C.

  2. I am in the process of try to sell my lease back property at the loss of 77,000 euros unfortunately with the decreases in income from management company in France  I am unable to continue to pay the mortgage. We have sold our 25 year family home in England to pay the shortfall to pay the French mortgage off.
    We have ask the bank why we have to take there death insurance out with no choice to go else wear but have not had a reply.

    1. Hi Terry,

      I am so sorry to hear about your family home.

      Have you registered a complaint with the CMA ? You should do so.

      I am aware of the Mortgage Protection insurance that some people signed up for. I’m one of them! The policy was totally in French and no-where was I told that the only way to change the policy was to end the mortgage. These policies were very expensive, not competitive at all, and not sold in the language of the consumer.
      I suggest you make a complaint to FIN-NET – see http://www.frenchleaseback.info/2016/07/26/financial-advice-leaseback-owners/

      Do also mail Daniel Dalton’s office also : daniel.dalton@europarl.europa.eu

    1. No Barbara, if you are based in Ireland the CCPC said that they expected more complaints and I think you should submit one if you’ve had problems. You’ll find their form on the website page here.

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