Press Updates for French Leaseback Owners

Update : 31 May 2017

RTE Radio 1

Following on from a successful piece on Morning Ireland by Justin McCarthy on 31 May 2017, many Irish owners have been in contact with the CCPC. The piece featured 2 owners and Brian Hayes MEP. They finished up by advising any listeners who had experienced these issues to get in touch with the CCPC.

You can listen back at:

The piece is at :     ‘I am the owner of a property in France but I have no keys and no access’

Irish Times

Colin Gleeson wrote a great piece in the Irish Times on Mon 8th May:

Hundreds of Irish allege abuse of French leaseback scheme – Consumer watchdog investigating allegations in relation to investment properties


The Times

And in The Times (Irish edition), Peter O’Dwyer also had a piece on Mon:

EU is urged to act on French ‘property scam’

Peter followed this up this morning with an update stating that EU Commissioner Vera Jourová has written to the relevant national authorities asking them to assess complaints received by property owners:

EU backs inquiry into French property ‘scam’

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