Join our campaign to force the EU to take action and force the French authorities to address the very real and serious concerns of leaseback owners.



14 JAN 2017 — We had a very positive meeting with Brian Hayes MEP at the EU Parliament offices in Dublin on Thurs (12th Jan).

We presented a document which outlined the issues at our development and which included the Petition comments which demonstrated the scale of the problem. He immediately understood the nature of the mis-selling involved.

He also understood the absence of consumer protection.

He is planning a meeting with the Fédération Bancaire de France (French bankers association) and we have provided a letter to him which outlines our situation and he will present this to them. Brian meets with representatives from this organization regularly.

He also plans to explore other options to address the issues with his colleagues in the EU and a conference call will likely take place in the next few weeks.

He will likely also engage with the European Ombudsman, currently Emily O’Reilly, with Aidan O’Sullivan as Head of Cabinet.

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