Sunday Times – Irish Edition

Check out the ‘Move‘ supplement of the Sunday Times (Irish edition) for an interesting piece on the perils of French Leaseback. The article, by Cian Molloy, was published on 20th November, 2016:

Avoid storms brewing over your place in the sun

It takes one owners experience to illustrate how badly wrong it can go. There are many out there who can relate to this only too well. This owner states:

I now have a lease with half the original guaranteed rent and double the charges

An estate agent adds:

A company offering a leaseback scheme may promise a certain rental return, but nothing is guaranteed.

Be careful to assess the reality of the letting period, which for tourists is not always very long. Depending on the location, the high season may be only two-to-three months in the summer, plus a fortnight during Easter.

Note, the Sunday Times is behind a paywall so only subscribers will have online access to content.


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