@EU_Consumer responds on applicable EU Directives

The EU Consumer Affairs Tweet-meister has given some feedback on which EU Directives to take a look at in trying to get to grips with the problems with French leaseback property selling.

@snappynscrappy Check Directives 2005/29/EC (B2C) and 2008/122/EC (holiday homes). Stricter national rules may exist for immovable property.

— EU Consumer Affairs (@EU_Consumer) December 12, 2016


Directive 2008/122/EC relates to the sale of timeshare properties and we’ve already had a look at that one. See related post on ECC Ireland

What we need is a new Directive to apply specifically to the gross mis-selling that took place of French leaseback properties. There was no regulation. There is no consumer protection. The French courts are choking and impotent, they cannot act for justice.

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