EU Legal Advice for Owners Caught in French Leaseback

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Your Europe Legal Advice Service provides free advice on your rights within the European Union and can clarify European law that may apply to your case.

For owners who bought French leaseback properties under unfair terms and who were misled about the nature of the investment, this may be a route to help clarify rights regarding cross-border sales of these nightmare investments. Remember, these properties were targeted at Irish and English buyers who were private consumers, and were not fully informed on the nature of the investment they were making.

Consultation is available with your Legal Advisor by appointment, which can be arrange by phone at 01-634 1111, by email at or through the European Commission Representation in Ireland at European Union House, 18 Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

Queries can also be submitted via a web form or the free phone number 00800 678 91011. Advice is provided through your own language and within a week of your request.

Your Europe Advice website:

Web form link:

Ms. Duffy is available for consultation sessions for a half day each month:
30th August – morning
16th September – morning
27th October – morning
21st November – morning
15th December – morning

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